Book Sleuth

So where do you find good books to read?

Bookstores that have those little “staff recommend” notes on the shelves under books, or in a special section,  sometimes work.   Book Soup in West Hollywood does this so well!

But there’s nothing like having a friend tell you about a recent read. Good excuse to invite someone to have a cup of coffee,  or to write an email –with the header “So, what are you reading?”  Better than those ubiquitous feel-good chain letters.

Wouldn’t it be great if someone actually read this blog, and sent some in?!

The Sunday New York Times has a whole section devoted to Book Review, with lists in the last few pages, and sidebars with the really good stuff. You can see it online if you don’t want to pay the big bucks –

The New Yorker has a page toward the end that sometimes yields a good idea – UH library has them in the stacks, but heh – here it is online –

Just browsing the bookstores can be fun, but it may be hard to get out without buying one. Bring a pad and pencil, take notes, and head to the library (or Cosco) to economize.

Some books are meant to have and to hold on your own shelves, but a book swap gets them a little airing – as long as you have your name inside the cover, and are not afraid of never seeing it again – you can always get another copy. So who lent me that Vegetarian Cookbook?

The library has freebies – usually right inside the door.

Bookends in Kailua sells paperbacks outside the store – cheap, cheap – and used books inside.

Rainbow Books on University is an experience – used books, floor to ceiling – great musty smell.

Back to the stacks…