Beginner’s Greek

After thoroughly enjoying Beginner’s Greek by James Collins, a love story with funny turns that promises to be a movie soon, Geek Love sounded close enough and a title to check out.

If you haven’t read  Beginner’s Greek, you are in for a treat.  The storyline in Beginner’s Greek has a close resemblance to the movie Serendipity – remember John Cusack and the gloves.

The hero in Beginner’s Greek rediscovers Holly, his love–at-first-sight,  four years later, married to his best friend. He then marries the wrong person.  It all seems so Doris Day/Rock Hudson, and it all works out in the end – a satisfying, upbeat romantic comedy.  Read it before the movie comes out.

So – Geek Love? Reminded me of the characters on the Big Bang Theory TV show, or the squad that does house calls on computers. Turns out these are just the slang definitions.

What do you think geek means? The primary definition in Webster’s is “ a performer of grotesque or depraved acts in a carnival, such as biting off the head of a live chicken.”  This is the focus of Katherine Dunn’s dark novel about a family purposely bred for the “Believe It or Not “ circuit.   So, following my own rule of pages to read, I stopped.

If you decide to read this bizarre commentary on family life, beware – it’s not Greek.