Frozen on the Shelf

I usually have a shelf of books I’ve been meaning to read, and a shelf of old books I want to read again, and a shelf of library books – due at different intervals, and a shelf of gift books (presents from friends who know I never have enough to read). And then there’s the shelf for those books I will probably never read again, but cannot bear to give away. Some date back to before I was reading -even before I was born, inherited from my college professor uncle who couldn’t bear to throw them away either. He is long gone, but the books are here. slowly turning to dust.

After reading an article in the New Yorker on cyrogenics (Jill Lepore, American Chronicles, “The Iceman,” The New Yorker, January 25, 2010),

I wondered if we should freeze books too – to preserve and reclaim some time in the future. But maybe in the future all books will be on Kindle?

J.P. Morgan paid a good price for his collection of Jane Austen letters and manuscripts. In visiting his collection in New York City, I thought it seemed pretty cold in that room.