I Made My Dog a Valentine by Jack Prelutsky

Happy Valentine’s Day!

and to some – Happy Birthday!

Sometimes it’s good to be silly and tap into the child inside. Although targeted for children, books by Jack Prelutsky, winner of the Children’s Poet Laureate award, can offer welcome relief and laugh-out-loud diversion to adult reality.

Prelutsky’s book of 14 poems, It’s Valentine’s Day, has a valentine for everyone, including the dog. If you did not receive a valentine today, give one to yourself. You can view a selection of Prelutsky’s poetry at his website.

I Made My Dog a Valentine

By: Jack Prelutsky

I made my dog a valentine,
she sniffed it very hard,
then chewed on it a little while
and left it in the yard.

I made one for my parakeets,
a pretty paper heart,
they pulled it with their claws and beaks
until it ripped apart.

I made one for my turtle,
all he did was get it wet,
I wonder if a valentine
is wasted on a pet.