The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton

You know this story – set in Cornwall – because you’ve already read it many times in other books.    It doesn’t matter that you know the ending half-way through – Kate Morton’s The Forgotten Garden will draw you into the mystery.  It’s a comfortable formula and you will not want to leave its world.

In the style of another famous Cornish “Authoress,”  Daphne du Maurier, the story combines the romantic beauty of the sea with a story of family intrigue.   The Upstairs/Downstairs characters intermarry, of course, and you will predict how the short tales interspersed in the action reveal the characters’ flaws and strengths.

The story changes time and place throughout – connecting Nell to her childhood in Cornwall, in search of her mother’s identity.  How did four -year -old Nell arrive alone  in Australia on a ship from England – with no name or memory – and a only a book of illustrated fairytales as the clue to her background?

Morton explains all – with the help of Cassandra, Nell’s granddaughter – to  a satisfying and predictable ending.

Have a “cuppa” tea and enjoy.