Where the God of Love Hangs Out

Sometimes the mood just draws you in but if you begin to wallow, you’re sunk. “Out of pain comes creativity” – famous quote?    Actually,  a line from the now defunct Third Rock from the Sun.

Amy Bloom’s new collection of short stories – Where The God of Love Hangs Out may “capture deep human truths” (book jacket)   but sometimes disappointment and loss are not what you are looking for.   The book is organized in sets of stories around a cast of sad souls. After reading the first set – reminiscent of the  Bob&Carol&Ted&Alice  sixties movie – I couldn’t take any more flip deception or shallow sins – no matter how deep the passion or real the lives.    Maybe it’s just easier to live in fantasy land – but Bloom is a practicing psychotherapist.

Bloom’s 2007 novel Away is a more satisfying read – a story of a Jewish immigrant who returns to Siberia in search of her daughter – but still not a cheerful saga.

Now in search of mindless happy drivel – any suggestions?