Al and Tipper Gore

Are you depressed over Al and Tipper’s breakup or just annoyed with all the angst?   Tara Parker-Pope adds to the plethora of reporting about what no one really knows about in the NY Times article “Scanning for Trouble.”

offering yet another analysis, this time with a scientific bent, and more speculation about cause/effect, prevention through diagnosis.

All the hoopla reminded me of two books by Joan Anderson I read awhile ago, and I wondered how Anderson had fared after writing “The Unfinished Marriage,” the sequel that followed her “A Year by the Sea: Thoughts of an Unfinished Woman” published in 1999.

After a year apart from her husband, Anderson surprised everyone, including herself, by restarting her marriage, armed with her year of finding herself on Cape Cod.

Both books are slim memoirs, well-written, with easy connections and funny stories as her life evolves –  easy to find something to relate to.

So, how is she today?  She claimed 30 years of marriage in 1999, so pretty close to the Gore mark of married years.   I found a website and newsletter, advertising her weekend retreats, and a blog regaling new adventures.

She is still married to the same man, still independent, and still discovering herself.