Need a little magic to help get you through the day?

Children’s books are my favorite diversion. Once while reading Roald Dahl’s The BFG (short for Big Friendly Giant) on a long flight, I got some strange looks from the flight attendants, but I “whizpoppered” my way through the long flight with Sophie – better than any of the other “human beans” on board.

In David Progue’s Abby Carnelia’s One and Only Magical Power, Abby discovers she can twirl a hard-boiled egg in the air by pulling on her earlobes. Thinking she has discovered an interest in magic tricks, her parents send her off to a summer camp for budding magicians.

There, Abby meets 3 other middle-schoolers who have strange unexplainable powers: Ricky can fog glass, Eliza can float one-quarter inch off the ground, and Ben flips a key in his hand. Their “triggers” – the abracadabra in a magic trick – are all pretty funny and as bizarre as their powers.

Progue, a New York Times columnist, develops the story into a mix of Harry Potter meets Nancy Drew, and uncovers a sinister plot. Of course, the heroine, Abby, saves the day and there is a happy ending.  But the message is for adults as well as children, and the story will capture you.

Give yourself a treat; be a kid again and “…find your magic.”  You might learn to appreciate your own special gifts.

“…is there something waiting to be discovered inside every kid on earth?


  1. I, too, love children’s books and use my grandchildren as an excuse to buy them. Anyone else read, “George’s Secret Key to the Universe” by Steven Hawking and his daughter? It’s a fun romp through outer space, believe it or not!

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