Downsizing Will Make You Happy?

How easy is it to go from a big house to 450 square feet? Not so much.

When I read the article in the New York Times today – “But Will It Make You Happy” – about the virtuous young couple who replaced a two bedroom, two car existence with a studio apartment in Oregon, I was not impressed.

Try replacing storage for over thirty years of accumulated memories, including inherited antique furniture, children’s homemade Christmas ornaments, sports equipment from skis to badminton, and too many photo albums. It’s only stuff – but it represents people and places that cannot be replaced.

Yes, it is doable. And, to tell the truth, most of it is not missed. But there are times when I wonder whatever became of that pottery bowl I used for baking the best bread – maybe it’s at the bottom of the storage box – under the bed.

Before giving and throwing away most of the “stuff” we would have no room for, I researched how to manuals – you know those books –

how to create a sanctuary out of small spaces – how to use every corner in your small space – how to use your ceilings for storage and your walls for closets…

One was particularly charming – if not very useful – maybe I’ll send a copy of Lauri Ward’s Downsizing Your Home with Style: Living Well In a Smaller Space to the loving couple in the article. – just in case they want to buy a third pot and a fifth plate.

It may be true that lots of money doesn’t buy happiness – but enough for a car service to those sushi-rolling lessons would be fun.

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  1. Enjoyed the NY Times article especially about travel. Remember The Tender Bar author observing how much mileage members of prominent families got from their early outward bound or do-good trips/experiences – in recounting the stories over and over in their adult life.

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