Nothing Like A Good Dose of Miss Marple for a Cold

Flu shots notwithstanding, the common cold needs nurturing – hot soup, rolls of soft tissue, and cozying under the comforter with Agatha Christie.

Miss Marple, who is immune to all germs, has befriended me in my hour of need, and – even though I already know whodunit – I’m happy to succumb to the comforts of murder at Little Paddocks in A Murder is Announced. Besides, I found a recipe for the Delicious Death chocolate cake in the book – what better way to hold a postmortem for a cold.

The scene is set by an ad in the local newspaper announcing a murder that evening – all invited – what fun.   That will teach those town busy-bodies to read the news.

A thief is killed – supposedly.  The possible suspects: Archie, Sadie, Dora, Amy, Patrick, Mitzi, Letty, Julia, Randall’s sisters children – and everyone else…

Miss Marple visits, with her knitting needles working, and cleverly discovers the sinister plot.  Christie has lots of red herrings: did someone want to murder Miss Blacklock for her inheritance – or is something more menacing afoot?  Even another murder?

Miss Marple soon knows who the real suspect is; it takes awhile for Sergeant Fletcher.  If it all gets to be too much detail, it’s a comfort to know that in the end,  Miss Marple will rehash and reveal all in that last chapter.