The Day the World Stood Still

After I stopped going to an office, everyday is pretty much the same – except Sundays – when I can spend sometimes a whole day reading my New York Times.  I can browse through the Book Review and take notes on books I want to order from the library; I can laugh at the political cartoons in the Week in Review; I can fantasize about the 36 hours somewhere in the Travel section; and commiserate with Maureen Dowd on her latest Op-Ed piece about the decline of pretty much everything.

I don’t do the crossword puzzle, but I always like to read the magazine.  The week just doesn’t start right without my freshly pressed paper.

This Sunday, the New York Times did not make the flight from LA to Hawaii for delivery Sunday morning – and I am still recovering.  Sure, I could read it online – not the same.  Eventually, I got a copy – after the Monday issue – but the week had already started – and it seemed like old news.

To quote a college student who prefers paper to digital –  without my paper,

“I’m …like a chicken without a head…”   and waiting for next Sunday to start the week right.

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    • Ah, yes – a fellow page turner like me. I haven’t succumbed to Kindle or any of its sister electronics…yet.

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