Lost and Found

I get lost – a lot.  I can take the wrong turn out of the elevator to my hotel room – repeatedly.  If my instincts tell me to make a right at a crossroads, it probably should be a left.  But I really don’t mind; in fact, I like getting lost.

Reading Matt Gross’s New York Times article, Lost in Ireland, reminded me of

Molly Malone

the pleasures of being lost – driving along the countryside, surprises at every turn.


Some of my best adventures have been while lost: exploring the woods around Deep Creek Lake in Maryland, and wondering if I’d make it back for dinner at the main cabin – I did; crossing over the river several times in Paris, looking for the Eiffel Tower to guide me home – it did.

You might think it impossible to get lost on an island, but it isn’t for me.  I can add Florida’s beautiful Amelia Island, Ireland, and Oahu to my list of lost islands  – where I’ve found something I wasn’t looking for.

Of course, getting lost sometimes precipitates being late – and that can be annoying to those waiting.  Nevertheless, those times when I have been so lost that I missed the meeting entirely – those were probably the best meetings I ever found.