The Crossing Places – a Ruth Galloway Mystery

The Saltmarsh in Norfolk, England with Celtic torques and an archeological dig – the perfect setting for Elly Griffiths first crime novel, The Crossing Places.  Introducing Ruth Galloway, a feisty fortyish professor and expert in fourth century bones, Griffiths has created a smart, likable forensic archeologist.

Don’t be fooled – this is not Miss Marple or that lovely lady from Maine.  Ruth Galloway uses her academic training like Indiana Jones, and takes you on a mystery ride that’s fun, adventurous, sometimes scary, sometimes sexy.

Handsome Police detective Harry Nelson calls Ruth in to identify bones that have been uncovered in the marsh, thinking they may be related to a missing child case that is ten years old.  The bones belong to a fourth century girl, but the discovery marks the beginning of Ruth’s involvment in solving the mystery that involves threatening letters, another missing child, and a slate of suspicious characters.

Griffiths leads you astray so many times as she keeps the suspense up.  Just when you think you know whodunit, the plot turns again, not revealing the true killer until the end.

I can’t wait to read the next Ruth Galloway mystery – already ordered from the library – The Janus Stone – more adventures with Ruth and Detective Harry Nelson.