Zora Neale Hurston – Their Eyes Were Watching God

Zora Neale Hurston

Queen Latifah

When I found a picture of Zora Neale Hurston, it struck me how much she looks like Queen Latifah.  Today, Hurston would be 120 years old.  In her honor, I decided to reread her classic Their Eyes Were Watching God – first published in 1937 – Janie telling her life story to Pheoby – finally finding her voice, after a life of suppression.

Hurston has Janie’s dreams turn into real-life nightmares; she suffers through two loveless marriages, until finally she finds herself on trial for murdering her third husband and true love, Tea Cake, who could

“…never be dead until she herself had finished feeling and thinking.”

If you haven’t read it, the language may take some getting used to.   Made me wonder; if they are rewriting Mark Twain, who’s next?