Eat This, Not That!

Another book about food – but this one is mostly pictures – so good they will make you hungry.  True to the title, David Zinczenko compares the bad to the good food.

A quick check will tell you what to prefer at your favorite fast food restaurant – seems Subway gets five stars, but McDonald’s doesn’t do as badly as you’d think.  Also included are “sit-down” restaurants and the supermarket – and recipes for food you can make – because you’re not supposed to be eating out anyway.

But the best piece is the first chapter. “The Truth About Your Food.”  I dare you to eat another piece of salami after reading what’s really in it.

This is the book you can pick up at the local bookstore, and flip through while drinking your coffee in the store cafe.  You’ll get the idea pretty quickly, if you don’t already know it – which does not necessarily mean that you eat well anyway.