Barefoot Contessa – How Easy Is That?

I’m always suspicious of skinny chefs.  How great to see Ina Garten, who looks like she eats what she cooks, as she appears on the cover of her new book, with a doubled scarf to hide her chins and holding a tray of gooey whipped cream topped parfaits – smiling.

Everything is easy – easy ingredients (no glace de viande here), easy shortcuts (canned stock but there is a recipe for making your own), easy techinques (why stand over a stove making French toast when you can bake it), and easy (road-tested) recipes.

With no table of contents and sloppy organization, the book starts with French toast bread pudding and morphs into watermelon mojitos.  Garten provides 68 tips for making life easier – with large pictures – 17 sprinkled throughout, with the remaining tacked on at the end of the book – nothing earth shattering (have bowl of lemons and limes handy).

So why bother?  The pictures of food are wonderful – mouth-watering, full-page spreads – and Ina Garten is a good cook (Food Network star).  Added bonus – the recipes really are easy.

garlic-roasted cauliflower

My faves:  garlic-roasted cauliflower and every single dessert.  (The garlic cancels out the sugar, of course).

Recipes from the Book

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