Yoga in Bed – Asanas to do in Pajamas

I found the perfect exercise program with a vook – the digital video book.  After reading about this newest phenom substitute for real books in the New York Times, I tried to download the iphone app for Yoga in Bed: Awaken Body, Mind, and Spirit in 15 Minutes.  

I kept getting one of those messages – not as bad as the old “you have performed an illegal operation,” but close.  Maybe my chakras were not in order?

So, next I tried downloading (as directed) on my computer.  At the website, I watched a short trailer that looked promising, with instructions for downloading to iphone, ibook, or kindle, at varying degrees of cost.  Downloading the 15 minute vook took longer than 15 minutes – time to do some deep breathing and practice patience.

The library has an actual book – Yoga in Bed: 20 Asanas to do in Pajamas by Edward Vilga – so I checked that out – for free.  Lots of full page pictures demonstrating how to “Invigorate Your AM,” with coffee cup meditation, and how to “Ease into Dreamland.”

My favorite section is “Nap Your Way to Nirvana” – I may already be ahead on that one.  I finished reading the book; still downloading the vook.

2 thoughts on “Yoga in Bed – Asanas to do in Pajamas

  1. Reading in bed, yoga and napping? Where do I sign up? All of this sounds great, but the vook download sounds a little too crazy-making. It reminds me of a NYer cartoon of a woman on her cell phone walking down the street. She’s saying, “My Zen garden has been a total nightmare.” It makes me laugh every time!

    You can see it at the Cartoon Bank for the full effect. Zen Garden cartoon

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