Where Writers, and Readers, Feel at Home

My kind of town – home to local independent bookstores with people who read – and sometimes write.

The New York Times travel section article, Where Writers, and Readers, Feel at Home, recommending Norwich, England for its independent book stores and cafes, author readings, comfortable nooks for reading and “eavesdropping” – reminded me of one of my favorite “wouldn’t it be loverly” places.

I remember finding one in a little town off Route 7 in Vermont – they served the best pumpkin soup in their cafe – and the owner (he told me he was) suggested a book I’d never heard of.   When I looked in the back of Ingrid Hill’s Ursula Under, the publisher had cited the person I was talking to –  in his review of the book.   Now that’s doesn’t happen in the big chain stores.

I do not remember the name of the bookstore but hope I’ll find it, if I am ever traveling in green Vermont again.

I do remember that Ursula fell down a mine shaft, triggering a rescue attempt by the town – and a series of interrelated stories that connected her past ancestry to the present.  And, I remember liking it.  So far, it’s the only book Ingrid Hill has written.

4 thoughts on “Where Writers, and Readers, Feel at Home

  1. That is my dream – to just find a hometown cafe/bookstore and spend the day there reading, writing, and listening to stories of others. What a cozy thought.

    • And my dream is to own one – like Meg Ryan in Little Shop Around the Corner. I’d just read and drink coffee all day.

  2. Thanks for the like on my blog. Norwich, England sounds like a great place. Now it and Virginia are on my list of places to go. Love the blog.

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