Books I Decided Not to Read

Someone once suggested that I check out as many books as possible from the library at once – creating my own shelf of choices – a mini library at home.  Here are some books that made it home, but never appealed past the first 50 pages, or less.

If you’ve read any, and can recommend that I try again and persist, let me know.    As the Tracy Chapman song goes

…Give me one reason….and I’ll turn right back around…

6 thoughts on “Books I Decided Not to Read

  1. I heard Jennifer Egan read a part of A Visit From the Goon Squad and it was really good so I’m giving it a chance at one point. She did mention that each part of the book was very different from the rest so if you didn’t like what you read, maybe you will like later parts…

  2. I had to laugh at “momreads” comment – I came to post a reply telling you that I read Goon Squad, and not to bother! Just goes to show – different strokes for different folks! Now you’ll have to decide on your own.

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