Redwall – the adventure with Brian Jacques

A little brave mouse with sandals too big for his feet – my hero.  Even after all the Harry Potter books, the excitement at Redwall Abbey, with Cluny the Scourge (rat) and Matthias, the bumbling and brave novice (mouse),  is still compelling.   And Brian Jacques wrote 20 “Redwall” books about the good mice vs. the bad rats.

With clever riddles and characters, the quest is fun, the battles exciting,   With all the help from capable friends (rabbit, squirrel, moles, badger), it’s so easy to forget they are personified rodents and wild life –  and not real medieval characters.

The “action-packed” adventures are in the spirit of Lloyd Alexander’s High King – except with animals.   The mice have the intelligence and ingenuity of George Selden’s The Cricket in Times Square – except in a medieval abbey in England.

Of course, the good guys (mice) win.  Try at least one, if you haven’t read any yet, and feel the spirit of Brian Jacques, who died last week.

“Who says that I am dead
Knows nought at all…
Seek and you will see:
I – am that is…”

… from Redwall

10 thoughts on “Redwall – the adventure with Brian Jacques

    • I agree. I hadn’t thought about them until I heard that Jacques had died; now I may go back and read more – again.

  1. I’ve always loved the fact that some people turn to certain comfort foods when they are down. But what is more amazing, is the group of people who know of books they can turn to (like the story of Martin of Redwall and his quest to find his father) to find comfort in. Brian Jacques was one of my favorite authors, and I hope that his legacy lives on.

  2. I hadn’t heard that Brian Jackques had died… how tragic. I was just having a conversation with friends about the fabulous feasts we remembered from our childhood Redwall experiences. An excellent series which I hope won’t be forgotten!

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