The Fall of Giants – A Preview

Did I really want to get involved with Ken Follett’s Fall of Giants – 985 pages and only Book One of a trilogy?  I couldn’t resist – and here I am, with Billy Williams in the Welsh coal mines; his sister Ethel, who was appointed housekeeper at the grand mansion  before sleeping with handsome Earl Fitz; Lev looking for Buffalo and landing in Cardiff; President Wilson at war with Mexico; Archduke Ferdinand of Austria assassinated.

Reading a Follett epic is like watching a movie – all the characters come together sooner or later – and thankfully he provides a six page listing of them, by country (American, English, Scottish, French, German, Austrian, Russian, Welsh) that I can use as a tally sheet as I work my way through the story.

Half-way through, and already the real historical characters are taking on an aura of believability – King George V visiting the widows of a mine explosion …  great way to revisit history – the poor vs the privileged, sex across the classes, the importance of oil.  Follett jumps from country to country, but he carefully chronicles events by month and year – helpfully providing the date as a header on each page – good tool for keeping those historic cross-references straight.  In a little less than a thousand pages, the world turns slowly here – from June, 1911 to January, 1924.

Will I finish before the book is due back to the library?  I see some all nighters in my future, but I can’t resist.

4 thoughts on “The Fall of Giants – A Preview

  1. I loved the cathedral books but I’m not sure about this one. I don’t like the cover, for starters. Also, I prefer books about normal people than kings and all that. Ok, that’s enough negativity. When you finish and write a raving review, I may pick it up! 🙂

    Happy reading – hope you finish it on time.

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