A New Light on Tiffany – Clara Driscoll and the Tiffany Girls

After reading Susan Vreeland’s Clara and Mr. Tiffany, I looked for more information on the real story, and found it in a wonderful coffee table book full of pictures of the real Clara Driscoll and the other women who worked with her.

Margaret K. Hofer, Martin Edelberg, and Nina Gray’s A New Light on Tiffany

Great color pictures of Tiffany lamps, vases, and a clock – all designed by Clara – and, historically correct, with excerpts from Driscoll’s round robin letters with her mother and sister.

The book’s ending resembles a yearbook, with pictures and descriptions of “The Tiffany Girls.”

I enjoyed it as much, if not more, than the fiction – but, I never would have looked for Clara Driscoll without Vreeland’s book.

For a review of Vreeland’s fictionalized story, read Clara and Mr. Tiffany

6 thoughts on “A New Light on Tiffany – Clara Driscoll and the Tiffany Girls

  1. I find this happens to me often, that I’ll read a novel and then go searching for more information about something in it, and love the books I find in response. For instance, I read The Madonnas of Leningrad and wanted to know more on the Siege, so then I got The 900 Days (non-fiction) and am finding it fascinating!

    • I haven’t read either of those – thanks for the suggestions. Will be sure to look for both -“Madonnas…” first.
      I actually liked the nonfiction better, and wondered if it was one of Vreeland’s inspirations since it was published first.

      • The 900 Days was one of the works that the author of The Madonnas acknowledged as being extremely useful. Perhaps there is something in Vreeland’s notes?

        • Good point. I’ve returned the book to the library, but I’ll check on that next time I can get it.
          I’ve ordered “Madonnas of Leningrad” from the library, and found “The Madonnas of Echo Park” close on the list – ever hear of that one?

    • I do this type of thing all the time, too. It can be fun to follow these interests down the rabbit hole, so to speak.

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