Earth Day is Good Friday

Earth Day falls on Good Friday this year – Mother Nature’s message to atone?  The first Earth Day was more spectacular and with more commitment over forty years ago when the earth was actually in better shape.  But then it was a novelty; now it’s a necessity.

Bill Martin Jr. and Michael Sampson created a picture book in 2006 with photographs by Dan Lipow – I Love Our Earth – that celebrates nature and diversity.  Despite the poetic license of a picture of a young Hawaiian with a red hibiscus (which blooms year round) tucked behind her ear, and standing next to a spread of tulips, with the line…

“…and spring blossoms show,”

I Love Our Earth connects children to the blue oceans, the gray mountains, warm sunsets, and more – with vivid pictures and smiling faces.

The Honolulu Star/Advertiser had another suggestion with an article on vintage clothing – Style Renewed   – be earth friendly and trendy – buy recycled clothes and jewelry – goes well with this year’s Earth Day logo.

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