The Millenium Cookbook – Extraordinary Vegetarian Cuisine

I tasted this book before I read it.  Eric Tucker, chef of the famous San Francisco gourmet vegetarian restaurant, Millenium, was in my neighborhood for a food demonstration and tasting.  I had already decided to eat healthier, but was wary of vegetarian fare – especially desserts – which I’d found chalky or bland, like eating the cardboard box of the granola cereal.  But I was wrong.

The servings were generous and tasty, and the desserts could rival any cream and butter concoctions I’d buy in a pastry shop.  Whether or not I could replicate any was questionable, but I bought The Millennium Cookbook anyway – always hopeful.

What did I eat at the tasting?

  • Appetizers: Raw Daikon Radish Rolls, Grilled Flatbread, Black Bean Torte and Grilled Meyer Lemon Salad.
  • Entrees: Almond and Black Pepper Crusted Portobello, Mushroom and Walnut Strudel, Indian Rice and Lentil Crepe
  • Finally, dessert: Chocolate cake (made with tofu), pecan pie (with flaxseeds and brown rice syrup), almond biscotti (with soy), and Millennium Fruit Crisp.

The book has been on my shelf for awhile – along with many other good intentions, and I had tucked the tasting menu inside.   When I decided to finally try to cook healthy, I found not even one of the salads or entrees on the menu in the book.   I only have a fleeting memory of the good taste, but I was determined to try to relive the flavor.

The tasting menu listed the ingredients for the Grilled Meyer Lemon Salad: chicory, greens, shaved radish, fennel, and red onion, chopped fresh mint, and topped with toasted pistachios, chopped dates – then dressed with Meyer lemon and extra virgin olive oil vinaigrette.  Not too hard –  I decided to forego the grilling, since I wasn’t sure what to grill.  It turned out to be a light salad – different taste from Chef Tucker’s but still good.

Luckily, all the desserts were in the cookbook; the fruit crisp was similar to others I’d made that were not so healthy.  The recipe is posted on Potpourri.

The book is back on the shelf – a reminder of trying to be good – and an invitation to visit the restaurant on Geary Street in the Hotel California.

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  1. We ate there last week. Maybe my expectations were too high. I thought it was good but not exceptional.

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