How Much Will You Pay for Shoes?

Whenever I wore a new pair of shoes as a child, my grandfather would ask about their quality. He believed that only good leather and well made shoes would help a young girl’s feet grow properly, and that the best shoes were made in Italy. Those famous red-soled shoes by Christian Louboutin that “cramp the metatarsals” and force the “slow foot”movement with five inch heels are made in Italy – with the inspiration in France.

In her article for the New Yorker, “Sole Mate: Christian Louboutin and the Psychology of Shoes,” Lauren Collins profiles the artist behind the shoes, including Louboutin’s inspiration, the history of the company, and the economics of the fashion business that can charge $4000 for a pair of shoes – and those are at the low end.

His background is as daring as his shoes, and a book to be published in the Fall will chronicle more about his life and career, if the article doesn’t give you enough.

Louboutin is all about appearances, with foot health nonexistent…

“I hate the whole concept of comfort.”

My grandfather would wonder why fashion and sensible shoes couldn’t coexist, and would probably laugh at the red soles.


The Shoemaker

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