Summer Reads

Seasons in Hawaii are hard to identify and limited to two: winter and summer.  It takes a while for seventy degrees to feel cold – only the locals are wearing sweatshirts in January –  but summer is coming, and the Honolulu Weekly is recommending a list of summer books to complement the annual Hawaii Book and Music Festival this weekend.

The Festival offered a Book Swap and hosted a variety of authors, including Sarah Vowell for her account of Western intervention in the Hawaiian monarchy, Unfamiliar Fishes; Maya Soetoro-Ng (Obama’s sister) for her children’s book Ladder to the Moon; and a svelte looking Roseanne Barr for her latest memoir Roseannarchy.


Maya Soetoro-Ng

Standing room only for Sarah Vowell, and Maya Soetoro-Ng, with Honolulu policemen nearby, calmly greeted each fan as she signed copies of her book.

The Honolulu Weekly highlighted local authors:

  • The Little Greenies by Petronella Evers (children’s picture book).  Go to Potpourri to meet the author.
  • The Tao of Travel by Paul Theroux (travel)
  • One Man’s Paradise by Douglas Corleone (crime mystery)
  • Waves of Resistance by Isaiah Walker  (surfing)

Lots of reading recommendations – for any weather zone…

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