Don’t I Know You From the Dust Jacket?

Working in a book shop, with access to a coffee maker and scones, and writing on the side, may be nirvana to some.  I still think about it, especially when I find one of those independent book stores with new and used books, some piled high in stacks on the floor; I found one in Annapolis on a recent visit –  the Annapolis Bookstore.   It would be so easy to hide away, down the spiral staircase, immersed in old musty books, or upstairs sitting in a comfy chair near the coffee.

J. Courtney Sullivan, author of Commencement, writes about the affinity of writers and booksellers in her recent essay for the book review section of the New York Times.

If you work in a bookstore, you may not want to give up your day job.  Some writers get their inspiration there.

Read Sullivan’s article for the New York Times Book Review Section here