The Weed That Strings the Hangman’s Bag – A Flavia de Luce Adventure

From the first line of this second in the series of Flavia de Luce mysteries, I was hooked.

“I was lying dead in the churchyard. An hour had crept by since the mourners had said their last sad farewells.”

I’d already read the third in this mystery series, so I knew Flavia wasn’t really dead – just doing a little research in the cemetery.  I was off again on a sleuthing adventure with the precocious post World War II British crime solver, riding along in the English countryside with Gladys, her bicycle – vicariously experiencing the freedom of youth and curiosity.

This time the murder involves the electrocution of a puppeteer, cannabis in the woods, a boy found hanged, a madwoman who thinks she knows who did it, and the perspicacious Flavian gems…

“To be most effective, flattery is always applied best with a trowel.”

“I had learned by observing…that silence is the best primer for a conversational pump.”

Of course, Flavia satisfyingly gets the culprit, but still gets sent to her room for her attempted chocolate chemical revenge on her sister…but you should read it to find out how.

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