Books by Sophie Kinsella – aka Madeleine Wickham

Have you run out of Shopaholic adventures?  Craving for a little British wit and farcical humor?  Prolific Sophie Kinsella, famous author of eight books in the Shopaholic series featuring Rebecca Bloomwood, as well as author of four stand-alone books, including the Undomestic Goddess – has also written seven books under the name of Madeleine Wickham (her real name).  Under the Madeleine Wickham name, characters are a little less flirty and not so ambitious as the Shopahilic star, but with the same irrepressible penchant for getting into extenuating circumstances.

Sleeping Arrangements has two families separately accept an invitation to use a friend’s well-appointed Spanish villa for a vacation getaway.  Seems he has invited both groups for the same week, to fuel a face-off.  The subplots add to the drama;  two characters, who had a steamy romance in their youth pretend not to know one another; another two who have never met are in business together in a company that’s downsizing.

As the farce heats up, the shenanigans begin to resemble a Restoration play – who will you find under the bed?  It all “gets sorted,” with an ending that leaves everyone happier and wiser.

In The Wedding Girl, Milly conveniently forgets she married  an American, to insure he could stay in the country with his gay British boyfriend. Ten years later, as she is about to marry Simon Percival, heir to millions, a photographer who saw her on the courthouse steps years ago shows up.  So starts a romantic comedy with another Wickham/Kinsella heroine.  The action is too slow, at first, caught up with too many wedding preparations, but eventually the subplots take over for a fun ride and contrived views on life and love.

If you are looking for a break from reality shows with a touch of British comedy, Madeleine (Sophie) has a lot to offer.

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