Try the G Rated Version of “Go the XXXX to Sleep”

It is free to listen to on YouTube, but should you?  You can’t miss hearing about it, and if you’ve ever tried to get little children to bed, you’d understand the premise.  Jennifer Schuessler notes in her column for the Sunday New York Times Book Review, “Like sex, alcohol, nudity, and drugs, swearing sets off the great American seesaw of schoolmarmish horror and schoolyardish glee…”  I did laugh listening to Samuel L. Jackson’s reading of the book (shoolyardish glee?) and this is a book for adults, but what happens when the child says that word back to you (schoolmarmish horror)?

More bleeps than Comedy Central…

Try the G rated version by Geoffrey Kloske- same idea and funny  – but with no shock-factor to sell the book.

2 thoughts on “Try the G Rated Version of “Go the XXXX to Sleep”

  1. The two funny bedtime books we liked were “It’s Time to go to Bed” by Joyce Segal (can’t find an image of it online, but it’s still available) and “The Going to Bed Book” by Sandra Boynton. We’ve kept the first one we liked it so much.

    • I like all the animals in Boynton’s book, but I had not heard of the other by Segal – thanks.

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