Imaginary Friends

From Harvey, the invisible rabbit, to Goldie, the unicorn in Pinkalicious, imaginary friends have been floating through literature – getting children and adults into trouble, and saving them from loneliness.  Brandon Mull, the author of the Fablehaven fantasy series, uncovers Pingo, an imaginary friend who reappears in old age.

Illustrated by Brandon Dorman, Pingo resembles a feisty Hobbit with a tail. He entices the young boy into exciting adventures, until Chad becomes susceptible to peer pressure, and decides he is too old for silly play.  Pingo still gets the blame for Chad’s mistakes and pitfalls, playing the role of most imaginary friends who take the heat, but eventually, Pingo fades into the background of Chad’s adult life.  Until…

Chad becomes an old man and needs unconditional love again – and someone to talk to.

Who can say that it isn’t Pingo or one of his contemporaries that hides the keys when we cannot find them?  Everyone needs a friend.