You Can Always Read a Book

It’s hard to make new friends when you don’t have a dog or little children.  Walking around the neighborhood pushing a stroller or tugging on a leash is bound to connect you to someone – even if it’s the Mr. Wilson character yelling at you to get off his grass.  Without the protection of  something cute to mark you as safe, your approach with a smile or conversation-starter might smack of dereliction or even criminal.

Social networking may be overrated, and the grunts of the someone in the room watching football, tennis, golf… don’t count.  You can always read a book, immersing into conversations with adventurers, soothsayers, and many whose problems will make you forget your own.

September 6th was National Read a Book Day; I missed the celebration – because I was reading a book.

This week is Book Blogger Appreciation Week, reminding me that some of the best friends I never met are reading books too.

What are you reading?

8 thoughts on “You Can Always Read a Book

  1. Jeffery Archer “Only Time Will Tell”
    Next is In the Bleak Midwinter thanks to you.
    You are so right about making new friends. So much better to reconnect with old friends. And I am in town so hope to see you soon. With no dog or children : )

    • Reminds me of the old Girl Scout song – one is silver, the other gold. Thanks for the book title – I have not yet read Archer’s book.

  2. Oh, that’s so hard! I think for just a great story I liked Flood best of all (the sequel, Ark, was good too). But I’m really enjoying the Destiny’s Child series as well. From what I can see, some of his other series are of a totally different style, which is part of what I love. He has a lot of science in his books, and the Destiny’s Child (especially book one so far) books can be disturbing. Oh! I just remembered my total favourite – Evolution. For sure, but I’m a real science geek.

  3. I’m reading Stephen Baxter’s Coalescent and also Julia Gelardi’s Born to Rule (did that one come from your site, I can’t be sure as I don’t note where the titles come from when I write them down). When I was a girl my very active mum was always telling me to get my nose out of a book and get outside. When I left home I reveled in the fact that she couldn’t do that to me anymore!

      • I have a book crush on Stephen Baxter at the moment, loving his work. Born to Rule is frustrating me. I love the subject matter and want to love the book, but how it is organized and written is grating on my nerves as it is not linear enough for me. Personally I think it needed a stronger editor. The research is great, but the organization needs help. Not sure I’ll get through it all, which is a pity.

        • I always need a chart to follow the royal line – have not looked into Victoria and her cousins yet, and from your review, I may wait for the movie 🙂 As for Baxter, I haven’t read any of his science fiction – what’s your favorite?

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