The Wizard of Lies

Bernie Madoff is in jail for being a crook; Diana Henriques makes that clear before she begins to report with a steady staccato beat on The Wizard of Lies – Bernie Madoff and the Death of Trust.  Liking this man is not an option.  He is arrogant, scheming, manipulative, and greedy.  And, clearly, his focus has always been on his own best interests.

Henriques uses a detached reporter’s tone to unveil his background as well as his rise and fall in the business world, but her skepticism and disdain filters into the facts.  I’ve only just begun to read the book, and already I have the urge to wash off the slime.  The book flap promises “the most complete account of the heartbreaking personal disasters and landmark legal battles triggered by Madoff’s downfall – the suicides, business failures, fractured families, shuttered charities…this timeless scandal.”

Not sure I want to read that far, but I like knowing he’s in jail.