Can Yoga Make You Fat?

Notwithstanding the place of Yoga as the way to nirvana, even some followers admit that assuming the warrior pose may not be for everyone.  Maureen Dowd in her article for the New York Times- How Garbo Learned to Stand on Her Head  – uses her familiar humor and sarcasm to frame the advantages and disadvantages of yoga in her review of William Broad’s The Science of Yoga: The Myths and the Rewards.

Dowd notes that she was surprised to find that yoga can cause injury as well as cause weight gain with the lowering of metabolism.  Nevertheless, yoga still maintains its place as the premier source of relaxation for some, including rock star Sting, movie diva Greta Garbo, and Dowd herself – who uses it as a substitute for chocolate to relieve stress.

As for me, I’ve found the perfect way to practice the art of peace and tranquility with few possibilities of injury – Yoga in Bed – Asanas in Pajamas.   I still have my chocolate too – helps to maintain the balance.

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