Once Upon a Time There Was You – Elizabeth Berg

“You don’t know what you’ve got until you lose it
You gave me your love but I misused it
 I never knew how lonely loneliness could be…”


Divorce is hard, but being alone is harder in Elizabeth Berg’s Once Upon a Time There Was You.  Irene and John wait to get married; then both almost flee on their wedding day.  For eight years, they have a life with their daughter Sadie before divorcing.  Ten years later, Sadie finds herself juggling her parents’ feelings for each other, as she shuffles back and forth between their lives and tries to assert her own independence.  When she survives a rogue abduction, Sadie inadvertently offers her parents a reason to reconnect.

With Elizabeth Berg, it’s more about the people than their stories; more about how what’s going on inside their heads is relatable to the reader; more introspection than action.  Berg does not attempt solutions.

“Some {people} walk purposefully, sure of where they are going.  Some walk aimlessly, in no hurry to get anywhere. Others are frankly lost.”

The story gets a little lost in all the soul-searching, but, as always, Berg offers poignant moments.

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