National Book Award Mistake – Chime or Shine?

Probably the most excitement generated by the announcement of the National Book Award this year was their mistake in their listing of young adult literature finalists.  Lauren Myracle’s book  – Shine – about a gay teenager who is the victim of a hate crime made the list.  Oops – the committee revealed later that the finalist was supposed to be Fran Billingsley’s tale of a teenage witch in Chime.

How do you mistake a Shine for a Chime?  typo?  It seems the committee creates the list verbally to maintain secrecy until the official announcement.  Maybe they need an exercise in elocution – or spelling – C, as in Charlie; M, as in Mary…

Ironically, Shine is enjoying great sales from the inadvertent recognition – no publicity is bad.   And, the National Book Award committee is compensating with a $5000 donation to a foundation for gay youth.   But, they did remove Shine from their list.

The winner will be announced in November; the other four books nominated in this category:

  •  My Name Is Not Easy
  •  Inside Out and Back Again
  •  Flesh and Blood So Cheap: The Triangle Fire and Its Legacy
  • Okay for Now