Masterpiece Contemporary Theater

With over a hundred channels available, I still find it hard to find something to watch on television – one of the reasons I read more than watch.  By sheer luck, I stumbled onto the PBS Masterpiece Contemporary airing of “Page Eight” – a spy thriller starring veteran actors Bill Nighy and Judy Davis as British spies, Michael Gambon as the frumpy head of M15, Ralph Fiennes as the unprincipled Prime Minister, and Rachel Weisz as the mysterious beautiful collaborator.

A screenplay rejected for the movies for its lack of violence and sex, Page Eight offers film noir fans an intelligent and suspenseful British version of corrupt politicians and civilized spies.   PBS Masterpiece Theater raises the bar for contemporary drama in short doses.

If you missed this one, look for the rerun or the DVD.  More are coming.  Put down the book for a few hours, and enjoy.

The PBS Masterpiece Schedule