Weaving – Hawaiian Style

The Museum display at the Honolulu Academy of Arts offered ideas for stylish headwear in their textile exhibit demonstrating lauhala weaving -“To Weave from the Goodness Within.”  Weaving, from the hala tree to the head…


If you are crafty, you might like reading about how to weave the bracelets.  Jim Widess offers a guide in a new book, How to Weave Authentic Lauhala Bracelets, with instructions for making your own tools (safe for child use), sequential pictures demonstrating 19 different projects, and substitute materials if you can’t find authentic lauhala.  The instructions are clear, but the execution may not be as easy as it looks, and will have you appreciating the artistry of the products on display in the museum.

3 thoughts on “Weaving – Hawaiian Style

  1. Interesting, our museum has similar work on the cedar bark weaving of the coastal first nations. I remember my son learning how to weave a cedar bark bracelet on a field trip.

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