Hugo Cabret – the movie

The magic of Brian Selznick’s The Invention of Hugo Cabret comes to life in Martin Scorsese’s movie “Hugo.”  If you’ve read the book about an orphaned boy who lives in the Paris train station, while secretly repairing an automaton left behind by his watchmaker father, and discovers the famous Georges Méliès and his films – you will not be disappointed in this faithful screen adaptation.   Scorsese’s camera angles and period piece Parisian scenes just add to the spell.

Look for the Cameos in the Movie

Selznick’s unique book combining black and white illustrations with historical fiction melds into a film with actors perfectly suited to each role, and, just for fun, some cameos that add a wink of recognition to some.  The treasure hunt for famous faces includes:

  • Martin Scorsese himself – look for him as a photographer near the glass movie studio
  • Johnny Depp, co-producer of the film – look for him playing a guitar in the train station.

Others you’ll know by their names:

  • Francesca Scorsese, daughter of the famous director – look for her dancing with her young friends near the cafe in the train station
  • and the author himself, Brian Selznick, has a line in the last scene
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