Happy New Year

I’ve almost finished all those German cookies; the fruitcake is in crumbs; the egg nog is down to the last drop.  Is this the time for taking a nap, or starting to make good on those resolutions?  Danny and Katherine Dreyer’s Chi Walking may be a good way to start.

Their plan includes mindful steps that are aligned, engaged, balanced – with a menu of walks (energizing, meditating).  I skipped over their general health information and promises of fitness to chapter 4 – “Learning the Chi Walking Technique” – thirty pages of pictures, diagrams, and lists demonstrating good posture and the correct way to stand and move forward – the right way to walk, using some of the principles of tai chi.  Relax and maintain good posture.

 A friend who recently retired suggested this book; he has decided to join the many feet who walk – some even drive to their walk – around parks, tracks, beaches, usually in someone else’s neighborhood.  My  walking is purposeful – usually to a place for a root beer float or caramel latte.

The Dreyers believe in walking as part of the whole, so they include suggestions for good eating (no floats), meditation, and balance in your life.  But the focus is on walking – better walking – as the way to good health and a better life.

Worth a try this new year.