The New Yorker’s List: A Year’s Reading

The New Yorker lists reviewers’ favorites from 2011 included some of my literary fiction favorites too.  You can read my reviews by clicking on the title:

Among those listed that I want to find and read in 2012:

       Started Early, Took My Dog (A private investigator looks for a woman’s natural parents.)

  • Train Dreams (The life and times of an anonymous drifter)
  • Coming to That (Poems on age)

Have you read any of them?

4 thoughts on “The New Yorker’s List: A Year’s Reading

  1. I have read the Kate Atkinson book – it’s the 3rd or 4th in a series and I have enjoyed them all. PBS just did a Masterpiece Mystery of one of them, Case Histories. I have recorded but not watched it yet.

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