Rick Riordan’s The Red Pyramid: The Kane Chronicles – on Tape

If you thought Rick Riordan’s adventures were exciting to read, listening to them will have you forgetting where you are – transporting you to a world with shimmering cities, waxy gnomes, and powerful beings.

Although I am a fan of Riordan’s stories – Percy Jackson and the Olympians: the Lightning Thief  is a favorite – I had not expected how exciting the story would be when I listened instead of read.  A savvy librarian suggested I try the first book of the “Kane Chronicles” – what an adventure – a brother and sister saving the world.

The British tones of Sadie, the twelve-year-old heroine who grew up with her grandparents in London, added humor to the scary confrontations with Egyptian gods and dead pharaohs – especially when she invoked her own style of pre-teen views of the world.  Her brother Carter’s American voice vacillated between fourteen year old bravado and the man he would someday become (manifested by the ancient god Horace inside him).

Riordan’s personified images – the sky as a starry woman, the earth as a sand-filled man – came to life through mesmerizing voices.  The wonders of seeing Washington, D.C. from a falcon’s view, the terror of flaming monsters, the peace of flying through the air to other places – while the body stayed asleep – changed dreams into reality as the characters’ described their exploits.

Sometimes the story was scary – but always fun.  And, of course, the heroes beat back the villains in the end.  This is the first book in the series, so many more adventures have followed.

Listening to them feels right.