The Sins of the Father – sequel to Only Time Will Tell

Archer’s first book in the Clifton Chronicles ended with a cliffhanger; he continues the tale of Harry Clifton in the sequel – The Sins of the Father. After leaving poor Emma at the altar when he discovers she may be his sister, Harry Clifton sailed to New York City, and has changed his identity. Unfortunately, the man whose identity he has taken, has a miserable past that is waiting to sabotage Harry as he steps off the boat – into jail.

If you didn’t read the background story in Only Time Will Tell, Archer brings you up to date as he backtracks to fill in the blanks. Unfortunately, the steady tread of information slows down the action in the beginning of the story, but quickly recovers as Harry makes the best of his new identity and surroundings.

Archer divides the chapters among the Cliftons and the Barringtons – Harry, Emma, Giles, Maizie, Hugo – juggling subplots, with Harry and Emma at the center of the action.

A fast-paced mystery thriller with World War II as the backdrop, Only Time Will Tell is a fun read. Archer books are addictive; once you get into the world of Harry Clifton, you won’t want to stop reading. Archer sets the bait once again at the end of this one, stopping abruptly (I thought I missed a page) – agh! another agonizing wait for the sequel.

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    • What a good idea. I did a marathon for the first season of Downton Abbey on a rainy Saturday on DVD, but haven’t tried it with a book series yet. Have you?

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