Quilting 101

I’m not a fan of self-published books, but found one that I will probably read several times – Sue Rasmussen’s “Quilting101.” Sue is an award winning, talented quilter with a graduate degree in Textile Sciences from UC Davis who has managed to distill useful information about needles, threads, batting, and fabric terminology into a readable and concise manual. If you’ve been quilting for a while, you’ll already know these basics, but if you are new to the craft, 101 is a handy reference.

Quilts have become art, and I am in awe of what can become of scraps of material. Here are some I am surrounded with this week:

20120528-104641 PM.jpg

20120528-104704 PM.jpg

20120528-104728 PM.jpg

20120528-104742 PM.jpg

20120528-104758 PM.jpg

20120528-104806 PM.jpg

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  1. Why make an exception for just this self-published book? For a specialist with a small but interested audience, a self-published book can be an effective way to make information available that no publisher — who has to make a profit — could afford to touch.

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