Rocket Writes a Story

“Rocket even liked the way books smelled.”

UnknownIn his picture book about a puppy who yearns to write, Tad Hills explores the love of books in Rocket Writes a Story.  With his little yellow bird friend, Rocket seeks inspiration from the world around him and creates a word tree.  When he hits writer’s block, an owl comes to his rescue.

This sequel to Rocket Learns to Read has obvious potential for teaching, but also offers quiet satisfaction in books that both adults and children can share.  As I read, I was reminded of a good friend and expert quilter who had designed a rocket blanket for her  grandson – a real rocket who might enjoy the story too.

2 thoughts on “Rocket Writes a Story

  1. You are so sweet to remember my little Rockit. And you can be sure he will have both Rocket books! Thank you my friend!!

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