Nonfiction Authors of the Moment

Fiction always has more appeal for me, but when Eliot Glazer of the New York Times listed five nonfiction authors in his chart for the One-Page Magazine, I noticed.

Al Gore – The Future9780812992946_p0_v4_s114x166     9780307594884_p0_v4_s114x166     9780062238399_p0_v4_s114x166    9780446585187_p0_v3_s260x420  

Sonia SotomayorMy Beloved World

Cissy HoustonRemembering Whitney: My Story

Tommy MottolaHitmaker: The Man and His Music

Bill O’Reilly – Killing (Lincoln, Kennedy, Jesus – take your pick)

If you have digressed from fictional lore to reading any of these creative nonfiction books, which do you recommend?