Blind Spot by Barbara Shapiro

After reading Barbara Shapiro’s mystery thriller, “The Art Forger,” based on the famous art theft that is still making the news, I looked for more of her books. Her first three were out of print, but “Blind Spot” was available for a dollar and change from Amazon.

Suki Jacobs is a forensic psychologist assigned to evaluate the sanity of Lindsey Kern, who denies pushing her boyfriend down the stairs. She claims it was a jealous ghost who killed him. The case gets entangled with Suki’s private life when her daughter Alexa is accused of murdering her boyfriend. Like Lindsey, Alexa has an affinity for the paranormal. Although Shapiro uses visions as her premise, the action focuses on the thrilling suspense of finding the killer.

A fun fast mystery, not as compelling as her later work, but worth every penny. I left my musty paperback in an airport lounge for some lucky reader.