Wanted: A Good Book

Despite having recently read and reviewed two of the three top books on the New York Times best seller list – And The Mountains Echoed and The Ocean at the End of the Lane, I haven’t lost myself in a good book in quite a while.  A good friend echoed my sentiments when she recently wrote to me – “I’d love to fall in love with a new book or an author.”

reading in bedAlthough I’ve tried, many books have not kept my attention past the first chapters and I’ve found a reason to stop reading what could have been compelling in another mood:  John La Carre’s A Delicate Truth – a spy thriller that will probably become a movie;  Sally Gardner’s Maggot Moon – young adult modern dystopia with a dyslexic hero; William Nicholson’s Motherland – World War II love story, and Marisa de los Santos’s romance novel Love Walked In.

The pile of books by British authors (new to me) keeps growing on my shelf, but I haven’t found a Jane Gardam compelling story among them yet:

  • Edwyn St. Albyn: At Last and all the preceeding Patrick Melrose novels
  • Barbara Pym: Jane and Prudence, A Glass of Blessings, Quartet in Autumn

James McWilliams essay in the New York Times Book Review – Clunkers  – suggests another use for the overwrought reader with a pile of books – just throw them.  The satisfaction of a page well bent might antagonize those who cannot even bear a bent-over page marker, but his historical evidence offers cases of “literary projectiles” as both dangerous and beneficial.  Of course, throwing a Kindle would not have the same effect.

I hear Anita Shreve has a new book coming out soon; maybe she will save me.

8 thoughts on “Wanted: A Good Book

  1. Have you read A Whistling Season by Ivan Doig? LOVED it – and getting rave reviews from my book club buddies, who are reading it this month. My review is on my blog.

  2. When I get sick of contemporary authors, I read another Trollope. Fortunately, he was so prolific that I’m barely halfway through his list, though I’ve been reading him for years. And when I need a good laugh I re-re-re-read P.G. Wodehouse. BTW, Trollope is free on Kindle, and Wodehouse may be too.

  3. I started reading a new-to-me author and am really enjoying the book by Susanna Kearsley.

  4. Have you read the debut book of Rhonda Riley? The Enchanted Life of Adam Hope. Ending a tad understated but a good read all the same. Sue Machbitz

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