Looking Back Over the Year

11970983531710783947SteveLambert_Stephanie_Hunt_Reading.svg.hiLooking back over the posts for 2013, I decided to identify a favorite from each month.  Some months had more possibilities, but I took out my red editing pen and here we are (you can find my reviews by typing in the title to the search function):

Favorites for 2013:

December: The Sound of Things Falling

November: The Goldfinch

October: The Girl You Left Behind

September: Stranger on the 16:02

August: A Tale for the Time Being

July: Instructions for a Heatwave

June: The Ocean at the Other End of the Lane

May:  Best Kept Secret

April: Last Friends

March: What Alice Forgot

February: Navigating Early

January: The Art Forger

If you haven’t read any of these yet in 2013, there’s still time.  What were your favorites this year?


6 thoughts on “Looking Back Over the Year

  1. Hi Rosemary, I am looking for a newish book. Can’t remember the title or author! Can you help? Description was a biracial couple dies and leaves behind their biracial daughter who goes to live with the African American side of the family. Mahalo, Suzanne Machbitz Sent from my iPad


    • The Girl Who Fell From the Sky by Heidi Durrow sounds like it. “After a devastating family tragedy in Chicago with Rachel the only survivor, she goes to live with the paternal grandmother she’s never met, in a decidedly black neighborhood in Portland, Ore. Suddenly, at 11, Rachel is in a world that demands her to be either white or black.”

  2. My favourite book I read this year was Julie Otsuka’s “When the Emperor Was Divine”. Beautiful and very well-written little book.

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