Nobody Told Me About the Party Next Door

When I read that Shia LaBoeuf was removed for causing a ruckus in the audience of Broadway’s Cabaret, I wondered where he had been sitting.  The seats in the orchestra section have been replaced with small round tables and cane chairs; audience members are encouraged to order drinks from the table.  When I recently saw the show, my table was front and center (a last-minute lucky break) with two  elderly ladies at the next table who kept ordering cranberry vodka shots.  Alan Cummings strutted on a stage about five feet away, and the whoosh of cast members running by between scenes could have knocked them over if they had not been holding onto their drinks.  Too bad La Boeuf wasn’t rowdy while watching the production of Hedwig – no one would have noticed.

6744782-MAre you interested in the “book”?  Cabaret was inspired by Goodbye to Berlin by Christopher Isherwood and Hedwig gets inspiration from Plato’s Symposium.


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    • So glad you wrote. I wasn’t sure about posting about it, but – like the rest of my posts – it’s a good reminder. The book is a series of four sections, each based on a character. I haven’t read it – yet.

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